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Choose your pricing plan

  • COT Analysis Report

    Every month
    Access to in-depth investing/trading analysis reports
     7 day free trial
    • Weekly analysis report based on latest report from CFTC
    • Access to our view of trend development FX, Metals, Cryptos
    • Pay as you go
    • Free trial is available
  • Best Value

    Strategic Asset Allocation

    Perfect for Amateur Investors Who Want to Follow Our Academy's Portfolios
    Valid for 6 months
    • $15% OFF From Standard Elite Trading Room Plan (Six-monthly)
    • Hassle Free
    • Involve 3 Main Asset Classes
    • Access to Unlimited Training Sessions
    • Just Watch Your Investments Grow
  • Elite Trading Room

    Every month
    Perfect For Self-Managed Trading Accounts & Investment Portfolios
    • Provide Best Trading Signals
    • Track Up-to-Date Outcomes
    • Must Use MT4 Platform For Short-Term Scalping Course
    • Access to Best-Performing Investment Portfolios
    • Pay As You Go
  • Starter

    Every month
    For contractors, micro businesses or if you’re just starting
    • Xero subscription
    • Annual financial statements and tax returns
    • GST returns
    • Tax management and correspondence with the IRD
    • Annual meeting/recap
    • Companies office administration
  • Growth

    Every month
    For businesses who are serious about next stage of growth
    • Base Offering from Starter Plan, Plus
    • Six monthly management reports and analysis
    • Six-monthly meetings
  • Custom

    Every month
    For who requiring more regular advice and strategic planning
    • Base Offering in Growth Plan, Plus
    • Quarterly management reports and analysis
    • Budgets and forecasting
    • Quarterly meetings
    • Strategic planning and internal system monitoring

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